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See for yourself why more A&D firms, O&G investors, energy lenders, O&G consultants, and E&P companies choose PHDWin.

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PHDWin is by far the easiest software for my team to learn. I can have someone that understands reserves an economics up and running on PHDWin within an hour, unlike other products that takes months to establish a basic working efficiency.
It’s the only software that can be used out of the box.

Courtney Stephens

PHDWin is the rare Reserves and Economics program that a person can pick up on his own and begin using productively in less than a day; yet has all the features to handle the unique situations.

Dwayne Purvis

At Continental Resources, we continue to be very pleased with the speed, accuracy, and consistency of the PHDWin product. Having generated reserve reports for the last 3 years with this product, we have always been able to model any economic criteria necessary to determine the value of our assets. PHDWin has been user friendly and simple; yet sophisticated enough to handle complex economic evaluations. Data importing and exporting along with merging files has been straight forward.

Don jacks

Offshore evaluations were always cumbersome before PHDWin because the platform economic limit had to be calculated by hand. Now, PHDWin makes it easy for us, we just assign wells to a platform case and PHDWin takes care of shutting-in and abandoning the wells and the platform when the whole thing is at its economic limit.

Mark Bunch

I’ve been a long time user of the major economics packages, including the original DOS versions and I am pleasantly surprised at the intuitive layout of PHDWin. You can tell the package was built and designed by an end-user. Fast and efficient. A true home run…..

Tim Nearing

Being in the  consulting business, we have been exposed to virtually all commercially available evaluation software. PHDWin has separated itself from the competition by providing a powerful, user-friendly product that meets both our client’s needs and our own needs at a reasonable cost. They have been very responsive in providing additional program utilities to manage our more sophisticated evaluations as well as providing technical support that is both knowledgeable and accessible. In our opinion, PHDWin is the best overall economics package on the market.

Greg Floyd, P.E.
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